ImagenAI, which uses AI to personalize photo editing styles, lands $30M

By News Curator

ImagenAI, a startup using AI to help professional photographers edit photos and automate post-production work, today announced that it raised $30 million in an all-equity growth investment from Summit Partners. The new capital brings Imagen’s total raised to $34 million, and co-founder and CEO Yotam Gil tells TechCrunch that it’ll be used to expand the…

Metalenz ships millions of its tiny cameras and powers up with $30M B round

By News Curator

The cameras in our phones, laptops, and increasingly home robots and the like are about as small as they can get unless we starting doing something different, and that’s just what Metalenz is getting up to — with great success and now a $30 million funding round to expand its ultra-small 3D imaging tech. The […]

Metalenz ships millions of its tiny cameras and powers up with $30M B round by Devin Coldewey originally published on TechCrunch

The M11 is Leica’s new flagship rangefinder

By News Curator
Leica’s a strange one. It only puts out a handful of cameras every year, and most of them are remixes or minor iterations on previous models. Since 2017 its flagship has been the solid but still somewhat archaic M10, but now the company has revealed its successor: the even more solid and also still somewhat […]

Google’s Pixel 6 camera smartens up snapshots with AI tools

By Shane
Google’s latest flagship phones have an impressive set of automated, AI-powered tools to help make your photos look better, with smart blurs, object removal and skin tone exposure. While we’ll have to test them out to see if they work as advertised, they could be useful for everyone from pixel peepers to casual snapshot takers. […]