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We review Abby, a sleek one-plant weed farm for your apartment

By News Curator

Abby started its journey selling 120 or so of its “All-In-One Smart Hydroponic Grow Box” on Kickstarter, with a relatively modest $100,000 raised on the crowdfunding platform. The device promises to help you make growing your favorite plants more or less foolproof, especially if your “favorite plants” are marijuana. In its marketing, the company is […]

We review Abby, a sleek one-plant weed farm for your apartment by Haje Jan Kamps originally published on TechCrunch

8 uncommon keyboards to spice up your typing

By News Curator
With the shift to working from home becoming permanent for many, it’s important to upgrade more than just your desk chair. A good keyboard is not only more pleasant to work on, but can help you avoid pain or even change the way you work entirely. Here are a few that stray from the beaten […]

Nothing Phone (1) review

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Can a smartphone still be cool? They were, once upon a time, in those days when they were more luxury than ubiquity. But what happens when everyone has one — and, more to the point, we all pretty much have the same one? Phones aren’t fashion. They’re not clothes or shoes or even cars. Chances…

Nura brings its killer audio tech to a pair of pro earbuds

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Few consumer electronics categories matured as quickly as wireless earbuds. We went from the first good implementation of the technology to near ubiquity, seemingly overnight. Suddenly a good pair is cheap and they seem to be everywhere. It’s precisely for this reason that it’s become nearly impossible to distinguish yourself from the masses of companies […]