India to push Apple, Samsung to enable 5G support on their phones

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India’s government is set to push handset makers including Apple and Samsung to expedite software upgrades on their phones to make them compatible with local 5G airwaves in the country — just days after kicking off the next-generation cellular network by the nation’s two leading telcos with all pomp and show. Top bureaucrats from the […]

India to push Apple, Samsung to enable 5G support on their phones by Jagmeet Singh originally published on TechCrunch

European Union keeps mobile roaming fees at bay for another decade

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Five years ago, the European Union passed rules which largely ended mobile roaming fees for citizens traveling with their devices across borders within the bloc. Today lawmakers are reupping the regulation that lets EU citizens “roam like at home” for a full decade, meaning European consumers can keep avoiding most extra fees when travelling within…

Shabodi aims to make developing apps in 5G a piece of cake; takes in $3M

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While most of the market is focused on building and selling 5G infrastructure, an important piece that is overlooked is the application development on 5G networks, according to Vivek Ladsariya, general partner at SineWave Ventures. That’s what makes him excited to support a company like Shabodi. “Application developers have always wanted to abstract away network…