Brane X portable speaker packs a hell of a punch in a small package

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You probably haven’t heard of Brane Audio yet, but trust me on this one: You will. One of my highlights at CES in Las Vegas today was listening to the company’s debut speaker, the Brane X, side-by-side with some other well-known speaker brands. The company’s founder has a background from high-precision magnetics, and after exiting […]

Brane X portable speaker packs a hell of a punch in a small package by Haje Jan Kamps originally published on TechCrunch

Devialet launches a high-end portable speaker

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When you say portable speakers, most people think about cheap Bluetooth speakers that you can easily put in your backpack when you’re going to the park. But Devialet has something different in mind with the Devialet Mania. The French high-end speaker maker wants to make the most luxurious and best sounding portable speaker around. The […]

Devialet launches a high-end portable speaker by Romain Dillet originally published on TechCrunch

Twitter to revamp Spaces, tests themed stations and a daily digest

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Twitter is developing an updated version of its audio chat rooms product known as Spaces, TechCrunch learned and Twitter confirmed. The company said it’s currently working a new experiment for the Twitter Spaces tab in its app, but declined to discuss the specifics of that change. However, screenshots of one of the earlier versions of…

Can a baby’s cry identify neurological disorders? Ubenwa says ‘yes’

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When Charles Onu’ cousin was both born with birth asphyxia and later developed a hearing condition, the seed for Ubenwa, an audio biometric company geared at identifying neurological disorders in infants, was also planted.  Onu, CEO and co-founder, said he hopes Ubenwa will change the way physicians provide care to infants.  “We’re trying to bring…