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A staid MWC wraps up amid a lull in mobile excitement

By News Curator

I wrote a bit last week about how it was going to be a weird MWC. By “weird,” I mean beyond the usual way that everything is weird all the time now. In addition to being the second time the show has been held during a global pandemic, the smartphone industry has undergone some big…

OSOM talks its first phone, ahead of a Q4 release

By News Curator

Mobile World Congress was going to be OSOM’s big debut. After a few months of teases, the North American (U.S./Canadian) smartphone maker formed in the wake of Essential’s collapse was going to show off its first handset, amid a week of major mobile news. But plans change. People decide maybe traveling to a major conference…

Will Mobile World Congress be more of the same?

By News Curator

I’m not sure precisely when the change occurred, but at some point Mobile World Congress became the smartphone show. It’s a fine thing to be in the world of tech trade shows — and certainly has a kind of outward-facing excitement that’s largely lacking in the world of cellular infrastructure. Big booths and flashy press…

MWC to bar some Russian companies from next week’s show

By News Curator

The GSMA, which puts on the world’s largest annual mobile connectivity show (aka Mobile World Congress) has confirmed it will ban some Russian companies from exhibiting at the Barcelona-based conference which is due to kick off on Monday. However, at the time of writing, the telco industry body is still intending to allow Russian presence…

Samsung kills the Note, so the Galaxy S22 Ultra can fly

By News Curator

The Note is dead. After more than a decade, Samsung has officially closed the book on the transformative phablet. The brand will still exist, but only in a kind of liminal marketing capacity. “We’re thinking more and more of the Note as the experience,” a rep told me on a recent briefing call. As the…