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IROKO co-founder Bastian Gotter raises $3.2M seed for new venture, Bamba

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In 2010, Bastian Gotter invested up to $200,000 into IROKOtv, an African video-on-demand company Jason Njoku, his friend and co-founder, launched in Lagos, Nigeria. For the next couple of years, Gotter, as CFO, was instrumental in turning IROKO — after raising over $30 million from VCs, including Tiger Global — into a household name in…

Google launches Google Wallet

By News Curator

At its I/O developer conference, Google today launched Google Wallet, a new Android and Wear OS app that will allow users to store things like credit cards, loyalty cards, digital IDs, transit passes, concert tickets, vaccination cards and more. That’s pretty straightforward, but from here on out, it gets a bit confusing. Google, after all,…

Block’s Cash App adopts Lightning Network for free bitcoin payments

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Late last year, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stepped down from his position in order to give his full attention to his other company Square, now called Block, which had become increasingly invested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency — just like Dorsey himself. Now we’re starting to see the results of Block’s embrace of crypto, as…

Afterpay unveils BNPL subscription offering for U.S. customers

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“Buy now, pay later” company Afterpay announced Wednesday that it was going after the $1.5 trillion global subscription payments market by offering payment installments for subscriptions, like gym memberships, entertainment subscriptions and online services, to its U.S. customers. The service will launch in both the U.S. and Australia beginning early in 2022 and will be…