Qualcomm debuts latest flagship Snapdragon chip and a new AI platform

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It’s that time of year again. It can drop 20 degrees on any given day, and we’re stuck indoors watching people watch Qualcomm announce new chips and reference designs in sunny Hawaii. The Snapdragon Summit is the component-maker’s annual opportunity to map out its big plans for the next year, ahead of the holiday scrum […]

Qualcomm debuts latest flagship Snapdragon chip and a new AI platform by Brian Heater originally published on TechCrunch

Reliance launches JioBook, its maiden Android-powered laptop

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Jio Platforms has quietly launched its first laptop, entering into a new product category as the Indian telecom giant aggressively expands its offerings. The laptop, called JioBook, runs JioOS, a custom Android-based OS that has been “optimized for superior performance” and local languages support. The laptop, manufactured in India, is selling at 15,799 Indian rupees, […]

Reliance launches JioBook, its maiden Android-powered laptop by Manish Singh originally published on TechCrunch

OnePlus’ 10T arrives September 29, starting at $649

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Today in New York City, OnePlus held its first in-person launch event in two-plus years. That’s a lot of time away for a company that’s leaned so heavy on its fanbase for previous launches. Accordingly, the Gotham Hall event packed in fans and members of the press. COVID-19 may still be looming, but the OPPO-owned […]

Nothing teases phone (1) design ahead of next month’s launch

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It’s hard to get a thrill from glimpses of unreleased smartphone hardware these days, given the baked-in maturity of the mobile market and the general form and function sameness of the sticky rectangles we humans routinely spend hours poking at and peering into each day. But this rear-view design-teaser (below) of a forthcoming handset made […]

Why more funding equates more peace of mind for TRIPP and its users

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LA-born startup TRIPP doesn’t want the metaverse to be a mere “shopping mall for virtual consumers,” its founder Nanea Reeves told TechCrunch. Instead, Reeves’ company is envisioning a metaverse experience that can “deepen connection to self, facilitate mental well-being and enable personal and collective transformation.” TRIPP’s vision for a mindful metaverse is already a (virtual)…