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‘Bigolas Dickolas’ is more powerful than the Pulitzer Prize

By News Curator

Video game consultant Rami Ismail was a bit sleepy in an early morning meeting, until his client said something particularly strange: “I’m really just looking for a way to get my game its Bigolas Dickolas moment.” “I had to absolutely wake up very fast to politely find a way to explain I had no idea…

I actually had fun at Fatboy Slim’s metaverse rave

By News Curator

I stood outside a 50s truck stop diner and gas station under a dark, dusky sky. A bright neon sign that said Norm’s Drive In illuminated the space. Behind a psychedelic school bus parked in the dirt lot, monstrous limbs with huge eyeballs, long lashes and smiley faces for irises extended upwards. Little aliens ran…